Overcoming the horrors of infidelity

  “Men best show their character in trifles, where they are not on their guard. It is in the simplest habits, that we often see the boundless egotism which pays no regard to the feelings of others and denies nothing to itself.”

We all at times think we know what it is to be happy, at times we wonder when ask what are the things that makes you happy”? one might answer “my baby, but sooner or later it is not more a baby but that grown up man or woman behind the bars, convicted of drugs, arm robbery, or terrorism how so soon has that happiness grown to be become an eternal agony. I know of a man who dreamed since he was a kid on how one day he will get married and built a family/ He met a wonderful lady when he was 25 and spent over 3 years with her as fiancée just making sure there were made for each other before marriage.CoupleLaughingKissing-660x440 The happiest moment of his life was his wedding and the source of his joy was his wife 2 years after his wedding he was out of town for a week and left his wife at home things went a bid speedy and he had to come back home just a day after he left instead of the 5 days previewed. So he decided to make it a surprise he bought the favorite morning suit he has  ever dreamed of seeing his dreamed wife wearing having, a bouquet of his favorite rose flowers graced with treasured perfume. He know she slept a little late and he thought he will take the train that arrives his little town at 4 in the morning then he will sneak into their apartment and get up his wife from bed with a bunch of roses? then give her a hot bath an dress her in his favorite morning suit. 4:30 he has pulled off his shoe as not to make any noise and was sneaking through the corridor with a smile of happiness and pride on his face as he held the bunch of roses and night dress well sealed with golden ribbons silently he pulled the door of their bedroom and there on their matrimonial bed was his wife with a wonderful smile on her face sleeping like a baby coiled in the arms of another man. Is there anything that one can really derived eternal happiness from without one day feeling so terrible about it? Is there happiness that can last for eternity. o-CHEATING-SIGNS-facebook

Note that this man bought all what he has ever dreamed of buying for his dream wife and not what his dream wife has ever dreamed of having some people take their entire courtship period trying to convince a lady to love them but fail to understand how much there need to allow the lady convince them that she has been looking for a man like them. Adhering your mind to something as a source of happiness is something we most be very careful about . Has that source been adhered to you?

In all my keen findings I met a lady who took me up to the unique closeness of what I could only but imagine. Just by an accidental peering through the keyhole this praise oriented room that I caught sight with this very sublime scene. There are this circles in our society that opens it doors so wide for anyone to come in but the devil closes the doors of our taste and desires from being allured by the glory that beacons from inside. 

How then can one live a happy live on earth. Truly we can live it in our hearts but can we exert this inner force of influence in other to obtain that inner results of contentment on things that we touch and feel on our daily basis? 

The biggest mistake to ever make in life is to thing that someone out there can make you happy. As long as human are prone to errors, if you rely on this your life will be surrounded with deception. On the contrary try to make someone happy without expecting anything in return. don’t try to buy happiness let happiness come to you naturally.

“ happiness is like a perfume that we can not pretend to pour on our neighbors without living a little spray on us. Even if we remain crafty about sharing that perfume, someone even a passerby will make the famous ‘’ ‘You smell good’! remark” 

From peering through this keyhole I came to understand that just like a tree that we water every day to bare fruits we need to share and give back into the source of our happiness day after day either directly or indirectly through others around us for it is only through this that we can immortalize happiness else one day this try will wither and die.

There are some trees you water and you eat from thier fruits .  There are others you water and  the beast  will feast on thier fruits  but in both you derive your oxygen and that’s the breath you live on. with this in mind no one will ever be able to conquer your spirit with infidelity. You give love to all and nature will choose the reciprocal value from the lot and give it back to you


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe once quoted Who is the happiest of men? He who values the merits of others, and in their pleasure takes joy, even as though ‘there were his own”.



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