A Point Of Reference


Dear Friend,
I know how hard it is for you today. At times I also wonder why in life certain bad things do happen to us? At times we are lost in our thoughts and when we try to seek for solutions by reflecting on our worries, we only harm our selfs the more as we indulge our thoughts more and more into those bad scenes of the past and so the cycle never ends. One keep asking the question “why do certain bad things happen to me” The more you think about something the more you invoke the spirits of that entity from the past to the present it becomes live and this energy controls your life.

Friends of mine were traveling in Europe with a hire car. At each city they would leave the car and explore the area. They were always concerned about finding the car when they had finished site seeing. In Sienna, Italy, they parked their car near a sign which said furmata. Now they were safe; if they got lost they just had to ask where furmata was and they could get back to their vehicle. Well, again they were lost. Easy, they thought, find someone who could speak English and ask where furmata is. It didn’t take long so they asked the English speaker how to get back to the car. They said it’s parked near furmata. Can you believe their dismay when they were told that furmata is Italian for “bus stop”.

chain-reaction-6412346We all need a point of reference in life, as in travel. If you choose  a points of reference that helps you to make sense out  of every lost situation , be sure your points of reference those not depend on someone else’s interpretation or definition of things. I know of a man who when ever he has a problem he instantly start looking for someone to come to his aid. So one incident creats two burdens, The first burden the primary incident, the second burden is the fact that he is looking for a man that can help him out. That chain can be endless, trying to make a phone call, and so the flame keeps growing etc.

Bad things will always happen. That’s life. Bad things do happen to people and they seek for solutions. What is frustrating bout yours is not that you are looking for a solution but the way in which you are going about it.

cross_towerA 6 year old boy knew he willnever get lost in one of the world’s most dense cities. Not because he mastered the city but because he knew the tallest structure in that city was the cities cathedral with a luminous cross towering on its roof. You could see that cross where ever you stood in that city even at night. So where ever he was, he could measure his distant from home Just from looking at that cross. He never needed to start asking anyone because he has set a measure for himself.
Those who invoke the void find themselves in an empty space. Do not allow your life to be at the mercy of  the unknown.  Just as Karma defines it, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one’s own life, and the pain and joy it brings to him/her and others

Can you find your way back to happiness? Can you measure the distance between that issue and the solution. Even if that kid had to ask someone,
his question will be as easy as the solution.
Can you please take me over there?
Your friend,


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