Flood gates of Happiness

When we bring unconditional love back into our personal,love_they_neighbor professional, community and family lives, we begin the journey of restoring wholeness and happiness to our planetary adventure.  Of course, it takes determined effort on our part as the old ways of being are quick to return in our mind.  However, this effort to love is rewarded with a new perspective on everything and all life benefits as a result. With love, I wrote this for you and only through love can you pass it on to a fellow friend.

Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself (Mark 12:28-31 (King James Version

Yet, when we come from an open heart, we can also see our opportunity to love all things into balance, joy, harmony and peace.  This planet does not need more visions of desperation, fear, doubt and hate – it requires an abundance of love, especially unconditional love, to heal and restore the beauty contained in every moment.  This becomes the easier path once we take the first step and begin to share our love.

This is your day, just say it. It is more than just living green. Call happiness into your life, embrace the rebirth, believe it, you have the keys to that flood gate right there in your hands .Just open up,  do you remember the song?, “ hold somebody tell him/her that I love you, Lift your hand together and praise the lord”. How Blessed is it how rewarding to the soul.



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