From the realms of illusion and hypnotic Glamour

worship womenThough illusions distort reality, they are generally shared by most people. Like a diamond ring, Idolatry is the universal human tendency to value something, or someone–anything–in a way that hinders or rivals the love and trust we owe to our natural being. He opted for a divorce because she misplaced the diamond ring he offered to her. What an irony!!. Coming back to idolatry, for Instance , taking that decision to change the shape of your nose because the girl on vogue magazine seems to have the perfect nose. Real idolatry is a matter of what we love and treasure in our hearts that is other-than what nature has reserved for us.

How did you get there? Your lust can hypnotize your senses into a state of consciousness involving a reorientation that focus your attention to valueless objects thus, giving them much value and reduces peripheral awareness characterized by an enhanced capacity for response to suggestion. That lust takes control and start whispering to you how beautiful, perfect and precious that object is . Your state of mind is altered, it’s like you are in a trance. In others it appears as an imaginative role-enactment; a play, a play that takes control of your world and becomes your reality.

Do not confuse this with humanism. However, humanism is a philosophy that places human needs and concerns at the center of attention. It doesn’t “exalt” or “glorify” humanity in any way, much less make it an object of worship.
Humanism can easily give birth to Idolatry when the victim in question suffers from Inferiority complex. Inferiority complex is a lack of self-worth, a doubt and uncertainty, and feelings of not measuring up to standards( He see those living within his dreamed standard as supernatural’s ). It is often subconscious, and is thought to drive afflicted individuals to overcompensate- she can’t take off from her mind the image of the girl she saw on Vanity fair. This tendency has given birth to lunatic inventions like cosmetic surgeries, silicone breast implant, silicone buttock injections, Bleaching creams, Name Tattoos, Botox, steroids etc. cameron-diaz

The effect of this lunatic inventions result either in illusive spectacular achievement or extreme a social catastrophe. Illusive because any so call positive result remains a fantasy that will last just for a short period of time and then side effects begin to image, plunging the victim deeper into that arena of desperation . Broadening the sphere of his/her unreached fantasy. The girl on vogue magazine now becomes the center of her world. Everything she does evolve around that image. Her prayers are not more” let me meet my destiny”, it becomes” let me meet her destiny”. “If I were like her I could have gotten married,” “If I were like him I will have made it”. Who are you!!!? You’ve lost the value of originality. You are now submerged in the realm of illusion and hypnotic Glamour.

Beyonce with no makeupOne girl was shocked when she saw the picture of Beyonce without makeup : Beyoncé’s skin looks like skin yes real skin, with bumps and irregularities, rather than a glowing continuous gel-like substance. Her makeup is visible, which will shock everyone who believes Beyoncé wears no makeup. This was during photo-shoots organized by makeup companies to sell makeup- imagine the expertise and professional hands that touch her face to make her what we see.. So you have been dreaming to look like someone who in real life can not measure up to the meanest beauties in your reality.

 Vampires had this tendency to attract at first sight. We are talking about the shifting outlook of the vampire’s face—from beautiful to horrific. He entices you to his den and begins to look ugly when he smells your blood. That’s the picture of cosmetic surgery : the thoughts of it is like drug addiction the outcome is that horrific phase when It starts to fall off and your surgeon tells you that; “ the consequences are irreversible you have to make a visit atleast once a week for maintenance” . You beautiful self has suddenly became a machine. Believe in you and ascent to  eternal freedom.

lady gagaWhy are vampires – So eloquent, refined, nice taste handsome, yet they drink blood.. one thing remains consistent – they’re all pretty good-looking. Obviously, immortality means renewal- Our present day vampires can’t afford the privilege of immortality let alone the fact that is it pure myth. They have does derived lunatic inventions to look young and beauty with age. Their overcompensation is their make-up. So who do you wish to be like? A perfect you, or a false representation of some fake illusive fantasy.

 Within the realms of illusion and hypnotic Glamour, the idolater seats back under the canopy of naivety and inferiority. He is ready to sacrifice his soul to look like them. He/she’s living under the dreadful spell of eternal falsehood.

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